Stress. You are Dumb. I Banish You.

Day #23 Creative Warrior Movement 30 Day Challenge

Have you ever considered that there IS a way out of feeling Stress/Fear?

Slow Down. Make a CHOICE. Today. To create more Space. For Harmony. For Ease. For Your Body’s intrinsic healing powers to take root, and shape your being. Instead of trying to talk yourself out of stress, which usually just leads to spiraling out of control, you need to SHIFT.

-Get to a NEW physical environment. (Creating Space from the Stress.)
-You cannot have two opposing thoughts simultaneously. Soak in the opposite feeling, asking, “How do I WISH to feel instead?” With strong determination, hold onto that NEW desired feeling.
-Talk to someone else, and paint the picture of the NEW feeling you want.

If you need any more motivation: IT WRECKS Your Body!

Breakdown of Stress on the System:

1. Perceived Stress. Living from Fear.
2. Toxic chemicals dumped into the system—> Adrenaline and cortisol.
3. If not used, the body recruits blood to muscles and limbs for strength/speed, leaving the body with…
4. No resources for internal organs to process nutrients, and circulate. This…
5. Hurts our ability to absorb nutrients, depresses our immunity, lowers our ability to regulate blood sugar, inflames joints, brain tissue, higher risk of fibromyalgia, stroke, high blood pressure, depression, Parkinson’s, and can lead to damages in the hippocampus.

…That’s just dumb.

What are you desiring to feel today?